About Froneri

Our History
Our History

Froneri. A dynamic new global joint-venture in ice-cream and frozen food.

In October 2016, Nestlé and R&R successfully launched a new, joint-venture brand in the ice-cream, frozen food and chilled dairy sector. That brand is Froneri.

Froneri combines Nestlé and R&R’s ice-cream activities in Europe, the Middle East (excluding Israel), Argentina, Australia, Brazil, the Philippines and South Africa. It also incorporates Nestlé’s European frozen food business (excluding pizza and retail frozen food in Italy), as well as its chilled dairy business in the Philippines.

Today, Froneri operates in more than 20 countries across the world, employs around 12,500 people and we have our headquarters located in the UK. At the head of our business, the Froneri leadership team integrates unrivalled industry expertise and business acumen from across the Nestlé and R&R portfolios, with the Company’s board of directors being chaired by Luis Cantarell, (previously Nestlé Executive Vice President, Europe, Middle East and North Africa), while our CEO is Ibrahim Najafi (formerly CEO of R&R).

Our Vision & Values
Our Vision & Values

Our vision

To be the best ice-cream and frozen foods company in the world for our consumers, our customers and our employees.

Our values

Our belief in our company translates into a pride and passion for what we do every day. This passion will ensure our end product is superior, our customer satisfaction is unrivalled and our team spirit is second-to-none. It illustrates our unique, differentiating leadership. We are proud of our company and our values, which we have expressed as follows.

Consumer - A passion for consumers and customers

Consumers and customers are at the heart of our business. We aim for consumer and customer satisfaction by having a full appreciation of their needs, which will enable us to deliver experiences beyond their expectations.

Quality - A passion for excellence

To ensure we can drive value, we strive to be the best at everything we do. Our expertise and innovation allow us to deliver products and services to the highest of standards.

Teamwork - A passion for people

We believe we can only deliver superior business results if we have the right people working together. As a result, we nurture and develop the talents at our disposal, while respecting and embracing diversity.

Accountability - A passion for ownership

We do what we say; we take responsibility for our actions; and we deliver on our commitments. We are committed to a unique, fast-decision-making style in which initiative and judgment are praised.

Performance - A passion for results

Our commercial and entrepreneurial vision, together with our confidence, drives us forward to deliver unprecedented performance.

Entrepreneurial leadership - A passion for entrepreneurship

We identify every opportunity to improve performance and always learn from our mistakes. By so doing, we lead and inspire our people to achieve excellence.

Our People
Our People

At Froneri, we understand that the talent and skill of our team is one of the key elements that enable our business to thrive, grow and succeed. We are driven by a passion to create a unique bond between the business and its employees, and a unique experience for us all.

We recruit, inspire and nurture talents carefully. Members of our team are committed to seizing opportunities and exciting our customers.  They believe that entrepreneurial leadership is the starting point that will genuinely differentiate us from others.

Froneri is an opportunity for every employee to grow and learn valuable lessons about their strengths in an entrepreneurial environment. They are guided by purpose, simplicity, success and self-accomplishment. They gain a distinctive experience which enables them to grow as a vital part of the Froneri team.



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